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Sustainable Health Education Essay

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The concept of sustainability derives from principles grounded in developing and maintaining a harmonious environment, society, and economy. Regardless of the discipline, these three areas must be the focus of concentration, as they are not mutually exclusive of one another. Above all, education must be recognized as the chief factor in achieving sustainability. Dr. Rosalyn McKeown’s Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit is based on the notion that success depends on a community’s willingness and ability to integrate education with sustainable efforts. Given the length of Dr. McKeown’s toolkit, it is virtually impossible for this writer to diffuse every detailed point. However, one is able to dissect key concepts deemed appropriate to teaching sustainability in the context of health education.
Health Education is the “comprising of consciously constructed opportunities for learning, involving some form of communication designed to improve health literacy, including improving knowledge, and developing life skills which are conducive to individual and community health” (Kirch, 2008). The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics infers that health education specialists promote, maintain, and improve individual and community health. Considering these points, health education, in a philosophical sense, is rooted in the fundamental concept of sustainability. There are many factors which contribute to health education sustainability. Given the broad spectrum of health education, and all that the discipline entails, educators should focus efforts to assisting communities in making healthy choices and addressing major risk factors. At the forefront should be an emphasis on physical activity, healthy food consumption, ...

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...cco use. Concrete goals and objectives must be met and mastered in the pursuit of sustainable development. Forming strong partnerships to use and allocate resources is crucial to success. Policies must be created before training can ensue. Health educators left with the task of achieving sustainable development should not micro-manage the process. Above all, community members must understand and appreciate how personal health impacts the environment, economy, and society at large.

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