Essay on Sustainable Futures Act Recommendations

Essay on Sustainable Futures Act Recommendations

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Re: Sustainable Futures Act Recommendation
Executive Summary: With the passage of the Sustainable Futures Act (SFA), a clear message has been sent to both the Nation and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The SFA bans coal extraction, crucial to the Kentucky economy, while it does provide job training and economic support for those in coal mining areas, the bill will not be enough to spur new green growth in the Commonwealth. The two proposals:
1) Provide Mazda USA $500 million dollars to start production of hybrid vehicles in Greenup country.
2) Leverage the $500 million incentive package into a $1 billion initiative known as Unbridled Winds that installs US-made wind turbines throughout Kentucky’s Appalachian counties, which will generate one gigawatt of electricity
With coal production at a complete stop, electricity will skyrocket in price more and more coal-powered plants go offline. The Unbridled Wind project aims to produce one gigawatt of power, or the output of two coal-fired plants and could offset the 300 tons of CO2 produced by natural gas plants producing the same amount of power. The Unbridled Wind project would provide jobs and economic development across all of Eastern Kentucky, and those places hit hardest by the regulatory ban on coal extraction, not only providing economic development, but also social development at perhaps a chance to lift Appalachian Kentucky from extreme poverty. Only the Unbridled Wind project truly both addresses the economic needs of the Commonwealth, while also providing a model for sustainable carbon neutral policy, important to the SFA and combatting China’s ever increasing CO2 output

With the passage of the Sustainable Futures Act (SFA), a clear message has been sent to both ...

... middle of paper ... as intense compared to the wind project. The Greenup Co. location provides access to both Ohio and West Virginia as well, almost guaranteeing jobs and business being placed in all three states as opposed to just Kentucky; moreover this portion of Kentucky is already quite economically stable, with large economic drivers like AK Steel and Kings’ Daughters Medical Center in Ashland KY.
While both proposals are viable, it seems only the Unbridled Wind project truly both addresses the economic needs of the Commonwealth, while also providing a model for sustainable carbon neutral policy, important to the SFA and combatting China’s ever increasing CO2 output. Truly it is only Unbridled Wind, which limits emissions and the larger environmental impact of human manufacturing, while also contributing to the economic development of some of Kentucky’s poorest counties.

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