Essay on Sustainable Energy: Earth Energy

Essay on Sustainable Energy: Earth Energy

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How does the development and use of ‘earth energy’ provide a viable and sustainable alternative form of natural energy? OUTLINE
• Title;
• Introduction;
• Context;
• Aim/Goal;
• Method;
• Results/Body:
• Shortage of non-renewable forms of energy globally.
• Types of historical energies: Coal, gas, oil and they are conditions at the time;
• The geothermal energy: Pros and Cons
• Lack of adequate Utilisation in Kazakhstan.
• Internаtional orgаnizations and solutions.
• Conclusion;
• Evaluation;
• FurtherResearch;
• Bibliography;

“How does the development and use of ‘earth energy’ provide a viable and sustainable alternative form of natural energy?”
INTRODUCTION : ( 300 words)
Energy is the key essential for life. It is well known that energy for affording us light and convenience. It can help us to cool down during summers and feel warm during the winters. Also it helps us to go from one place to another.
Energy is the main base of all life cycle system. Without energy, nothing develops and moves. The ability to couple and use different forms of energy have transformed living conditions for billions of people, permitting them to enjoy a level of enjoyment and flexibility that is unprecedented in human history.
Today some countries suffer from limits, such as natural resources, financial availability, lack of industrialization and technological development, as well as geographical accessibility issues. Many of these countries have, either, great difficulty, or are excluded from access to natural forms of sustainable energy.
The question about the positive and negative ramifications, upon the envi...

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