The Sustainable Development Of Inditex 's Business Model Essay

The Sustainable Development Of Inditex 's Business Model Essay

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themselves from the commoners, and show their creative uniqueness. For example, Zara value not only the Millennials but generation X as well - the opinions and motives that these consumers carry is to not only to be fashionable, but to be eco-friendly. The sustainable development of Inditex’s business model is based on two principles: fashion design and manufacture in a socially and environmentally responsible context and that the store and its entire value chain must be eco-efficient and environmentally friendly (Inditex employee handbook, pg. 14). Millennials have also mastered the use of technology, utilizing it to do their heavy research before shopping and using it in their advantage to become intelligent shoppers. Many retail companies are learning first-hand, which this new customer isn’t the typical customer they’ve dealt with for the past hundred years who does the usual window shopping and fills their needs as soon as possible. Zara has been locked in with their efficient business model that targets directly at Millennials.
Zara realizes that millennial customers hate seein...

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