Sustainable Computing : Green Cloud Computing Essay

Sustainable Computing : Green Cloud Computing Essay

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Sustainable Computing: Green Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now becoming a vastly popular used tool to gain recourses from shared data centers without having to manage it on your own system. This literature review will cover the theme of the energy consumption of cloud computing and how it can be used to save resources and balancing its energy consumption. Total power consumption by these data center in 2012 was around 38 Giga Watt (GW) which could have been sufficient for fulfilling the energy requirements of all residential households of United Kingdom if it would have been utilised properly. This is around 63% more than the power consumption of 2011. It will be around 43 GW in 2013 (Jain et al., 2013).

Energy Consumption

Data centers are important in this day and age of computing as it means now the public or private users do not need to have the information or data they need to be stored onto they systems as they are able to simply gain. It also means now you aren’t restricted to how much you can stored on your PC as it is all stored on the cloud which uses data centers to store your information. Also with growth in cloud computing could lead to a 38 percent reduction in energy usage in the world 's data centers by 2020. Due to the growth of cloud computing energy consumption will decrease from the current rate of 201.8 terawatt hours to 139.8 TWh in 2020, which equates to a 28 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Agarwal, 2015).

In cloud computing a lot of energy is being consumed every year due to the high demand of users gaining information from these data centers such as information from Facebook, Google and Amazon. In 2013, U.S. data centers consumed an estimated 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity...

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...more which reduces the energy consumption and carbon emissions due the the processing power. Also data centers can use techniques to reduce the amount of power they are using to hold this information by using virtualization which allows them to hold multiple systems on one physical system to make them more energy efficient but they can also include further steps to improve upon these methods by creating eco-friendly data centers like the company IBM which has made their center able to less resources and use the collect rainwater as a cooling method for their systems. I feel like cloud computing is the way forward in IT as it is easy tool to use which contains endless information and almost unlimited storage to hold it, it just needs to meet the standards to which will help lower carbon emission in the greenhouse gasses and they amount of energy used.


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