Sustainability Is The Endurance Of Systems And Processes Essay

Sustainability Is The Endurance Of Systems And Processes Essay

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The name sustainability is derived from the Latin sustinere (tenere, to hold; sub, up). Sustain can mean “maintain”, “support”, or “endure”. There are many ways to define sustainability, but many will define sustainability as the “capacity to endure; it is how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems” (Sustainability). To sum all that information up in general terms, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes. Sustainability can also be defined as a socioecological process characterized by the pursuit of a common ideal. While an ideal is by definition “unattainable in a given time/space but endlessly approachable and it is this endless pursuit what builds in sustainability in the process” (Sustainability). There are multiple factors that go into a healthy environment which is necessary for human survival and survival for all other organism. Some of the factors that will help reduce the negative stress put on the environment from humans are environmentally-friendly chemical engineering, environmental protection, such as stopping deforestation, reorganizing the ways we live (tiny houses, economical-friendly villages, economical-friendly cities, economical-friendly cars), permaculture, using science to develop new technologies, such as wind turbines, renewable energy, sustainable fission and/or fusion power. It only takes one person to start making a change to help us preserve what is left of our environment.
In 2005 World Summit on Social Development agreed on the goals, and the social development as well as the economic development. The main factor that they focused on was environmental protection. There ...

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...were asked how much the solar panels would cost, Scott Brusaw declined to discuss any cost until he has a better idea about how the manufacturing cost will add up as well as once he finishes up the prototype that was funded by the US Highway Administration, next month. The Brusaws have received $850,000 in grants towards their prototype project. With that federal grant the Brusaws have made it possible to show locals and the government what they have come up with so far by converting their own land into a 12ft by 36ft space embedded with the solar panels while the work on the rest/prototypes. Originally the solar panels were 12ft by 12ft squares, but the couple changed the shape into a hexagon after realizing the hexagon added tremendous strength to the overall structure once combined together as well as makes it easier for building curved highways and streets, etc.

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