Essay on Sustainability Is The Act Of Managing And Conserving Resources

Essay on Sustainability Is The Act Of Managing And Conserving Resources

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According to Boston College’s article,“Know Your Facts,” statistically, “the average college student produces 640 pounds of solid waste each year, including 500 disposable cups and 320 pounds of paper” (1). Is the lack of concern for the environment by young adults caused by apathy, or is it because individuals are uneducated on what can be done to take care of the earth? Sustainability is the act of managing and conserving resources. Nazareth College is one of many educational institutions that has the capability to contribute in making the campus more sustainable. Taking care of a campus can be simple and effortless to both faculty and students of Nazareth College. Additionally, encouraging sustainability would be economically beneficial to Nazareth because taking care of the campus can save money. In addition, colleges could add more to the campus that will help the institution become more ecologically efficient such as biodegradable items, low pressure shower-heads and trash compactors. Although taking care of the earth is not usually a college student’s first thought, sustainability should be emphasized on college campuses because it is effortless, economically efficient, and convenient to other individuals.
Informing individuals on how simple it is to take care of the earth is one of the ways that sustainability can be achieved at Nazareth College. Nazareth can do more to take care of the campus if the community is educated on how to be more sustainable. There are plenty actions that both faculty and students can encourage. Residents on campus can use less water when it is not needed. Reducing water use in a 400-bed residence hall when taking showers by two minutes, about thirteen hours worth of water would be saved (“Sus...

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...ogically sustainable. There are an endless amount of ways that the college can take care of the campus. Educating the Nazareth community on the significance and simplicity of sustainability can lead to the increase of adults who partake in eco-friendly behaviors. Furthermore, Nazareth College’s faculty can bring items to the campus that will increase sustainability by decreasing the resources that are being wasted. Trash compactors, low pressure shower heads and biodegradable items can benefit the college in an ecological way. There are efforts that can increase the quality of Nazareth’s campus while assisting economically the college as well. Taking care of a campus is not what a college student is usually concerned about, but emphasizing the significance of sustainability at Nazareth is necessary because of the favorable results that being eco-friendly can cause.

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