Essay on Suspense Techniques in Slasher Films

Essay on Suspense Techniques in Slasher Films

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In slasher films, suspense is a big factor to what makes the movie intriguing and keeps the audience watching. Suspense causes people to be on the edge of their seat with anxiety and tension with being unsure of what will happen next. It’s the feeling of not knowing what’s in a room in a haunted house when you hear strange sounds coming from it. I feel the best-known film director for his suspenseful movies is Alfred Hitchcock. To create these movies there are many techniques used to create the suspenseful feeling in the movie. In the slasher movie Halloween I reviewed, many techniques were used that made the movie suspenseful to watch, such as the use of music, back lighting, hand held camera movement and point of view shots.

The movie Halloween is about a boy named Michael Myers, who murders his older sister when he is six years of age on Halloween night. He then escapes from the mental hospital many years later, and goes back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois to follow a girl named Laurie Strode. On his journey of trying to find her to murder her he kills many people along the way. The movie portrays a suspenseful gory aspect that keeps viewers watching till the end, wanting to know what will happen. The creators of Halloween made many other sequels connecting to the first movie.

Handheld camera movement is one of the techniques used in the movie Halloween. Handheld camera movement is originally used in documentaries. Documentaries feel real and make you feel connected and that you are a part of what’s going on in the film. When used in horror movies it can make you feel connected to what’s going on in the movie. When the directors use the handheld it can make the movie good or not so good. When the filming gets ...

... middle of paper ...

...he wears. The use of a lamp or low light gives characters a creepy and suspenseful look.

In conclusion, the different use of techniques such as back lighting, music, point of view and handheld camera movement all help to create suspense in slasher films. The filmmakers use these effects because its what makes the movie feel more real and help you connect to the characters in the film. All the techniques listed are used in most slasher films because its what makes the movie interesting and connective to the audience. Its so you feel the tension and suspense to keep you watching.

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