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partnership is apparent with both Nelson and wife, Helen, in the actions of attending to their children. The entire family often escaped with Nelson upon completion of criminal acts while Helen was often suspected of aiding Nelson in criminal activity (Geringer, 2010). There is recorded documentation that Helen routinely visited Nelson during his incarcerations (A&E, 2002).
Gillis, now known to the public as George “Baby Face” Nelson reportedly joined forces with Al Capone, progressing into Labor Racketeering for Capone in 1929. Although it is affirmed that only the public called him “Baby Face” as it appeared to anger Nelson by declaring him inferior with such a nomenclature (Nelson, 2002, p465). Nelson’s criminal activity progressed to armed robbery including the home of magazine executive Charles M. Richter in 1930, which implores taping up the victim and disconnecting all phone lines (Geringer, 2010). It has been stated that he was dismissed from Capone for his use of excessive violence. Jay Robert Nash (2002), Bloodletters and Badmen reports that "[h]is specialty was labor relations… [h]e could always be counted on to line up labor unions to kick back part of their union dues to gangsters. Sometimes he got too ambitious and his usually too severe beating of a balking labor leader turned into murder” (p465). Details of Nelson’s later involvement in a Illinois roadhouse robbery in November 23, 1930 was reported to have left three people dead and three mortally wounded, however his first murder would not be attributed until November 26, 1930. The victim, Edwin R. Thompson of the Waukegan Road Tavern (Burrough, 2004, p104). It is also reported that when the public failed to take notice of his crimes the only consequence would be...

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...gical evaluation reveal an extended history of violence and crime as well as parental neglect with no sign of overt psychotic disorder; however a “Napoleon complex” appears characterized primarily by historical background. Nelson appears to clearly understand the nature and purpose of court proceedings and the law as it functions with blatant disregard for authority in such that Nelson may be unwilling to participate in proceedings, but it should be noted that he in fact understands and maintains knowledge of the function and process as well as upholds a clear understanding of all implications of his criminal activity. Gillis is an intentional physical risk to others. Apprehension, trial and incarceration upon conviction should be recommended for Lester J. Gillis aka “Baby Face” Nelson. Competency at time preceding trial for the Itasca State Bank robbery is affirmed.

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