Susan Glaspell´s Trifles: Women Unite Essays

Susan Glaspell´s Trifles: Women Unite Essays

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“Trifles” by Susan Glaspell revolves around Mrs. Wright’s strange actions after her husband’s murder. With this in mind, it leads to an investigation. Meanwhile, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale find incriminating evidence, but decide to hide it. Due to the actions of the women throughout the play, the main focus of “Trifles” is uniting women against their male counterparts.
“Susan Glaspell, however; sought to represent the lives and hardships of the simple rural women residing in various regions in America and forgotten by society (Al-Khalil, 132). The first major theme of ‘Trifles” is female identity. During the play, the men make agreements in which females get their identity from their husbands, which is the dominating gender. To give an illustration, the County Attorney states, “No, Mrs. Peters doesn’t need supervising. For that matter, a sheriff’s wife is married to the law. Ever think of it that way Mrs. Peters?” (Booth, 758). Meanwhile, Mrs. Peters says, “Not---just that way” (Booth, 758). Her statement suggests that as the play continues, she finds an alternate view of her individuality that relates more to her womanhood, than her marriage to her husband Henry Peters. Furthermore, Mrs. Hale concludes that the murder of Mr. Wright was a way for Mrs. Wright to leave her husband’s shadow and have an identity of her own, since women only received one from their husbands. The point of the matter is women want to have their own identity instead of receiving one through another person.
The second theme of “Trifles” is male dominance. As previously stated, the men believe they give their wives their identity instead of letting them receive have their own. As the play shows, the women only go by their last names, which is the name giv...

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...h. The understanding of Henderson’s statement suggested that Mrs. Wright did not have the homemaking abilities a woman is supposed to possess. Right before she kills her husband, Mrs. Wright ponders how her husband failed to make their home warm and emotionally comforting. Henderson does not seem to comprehend how important being emotionally comforting and having a warm home is. His misunderstanding was due to the fact that he could not see the troubles the Wrights’ marriage had.
In conclusion, “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell was more about the women in the story than anything else. The women finally get an understanding why Mrs. Wright kills her husband. Therefore, they decide to side with her during the investigation. Their actions exhibit how they will not allow the degrading of women and defend Mrs. Wright during her time of trouble, simply because she is a woman.

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