Susan Glaspell 's Short Trifles Essay

Susan Glaspell 's Short Trifles Essay

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In Susan Glaspell’s short Trifles, Mrs. Wright is being accused of murdering her former husband Mr. Wright. While their house is being investigated, there are a lot of clues that suggest what could’ve happened between Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Susan Glaspell uses many literal techniques throughout the story to give readers a depiction of what’s going on. Glaspell uses irony, symbolism, and themes to distinguish Mrs. Wright’s role in the murder and her character in the story.
Glaspell utilizes irony from the title to the story. The male characters are the specialists on the scene. The author gives the men titles like "sheriff" and "region lawyer" while the ladies are on the scene to simply serve as the helping hand while the men work. The men settle on the investigative choices. They choose to go upstairs to see the murder scene, as they accept this is the most important part of the examination. The ladies are left down the stairs in the kitchen, of all rooms. Though the men expected to find the most evidence of what happened, the women, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, actually find things that suggest motive from Mrs. Wright. The men expected the women not to find anything because they assume that women are going to be concerned about things that don’t really matter. They participate in casual conversation and remark on how the kitchen was left after the homicide. When the women were looking through the pantry, they found that Mrs. Wright had a bread set. Another sample is when Mrs. Dwindles perceived that Mrs. Wright had been "piecing a bedcover." As the two ladies are pondering whether she was going to "quilt it or knot it," the men descend the stairs and catch them. The Sheriff rehashes so everyone can hear what he had heard them say an...

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...story about..." The ladies still don 't enlighten and are greatly anxious regarding the dead bird in the sewing cage underneath the quilt being found. The most strained piece of this scene is the point at which the Sheriff asks, "Would you like to see what Mrs. Peters is going to take in?" The Attorney moves a couple of things around in the basket and said, "I guess they 're not very dangerous things the ladies picked out . . . A sheriff 's wife is married to the law." This last line suggests to the ladies that they are in fact breaking the law by not informing the Attorney regarding that they found the bird. Despite the fact that the men have no clue that the bird even exists, the ladies feel regretful about not uncovering their findings but rather I likewise believe that they had sympathy for Mrs. Wright in the case and didn’t want to prolong her feelings anymore.

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