Survivors Of Suicide Attempts Of ' I Fell Off The Golden Gate Bridge ' Essay

Survivors Of Suicide Attempts Of ' I Fell Off The Golden Gate Bridge ' Essay

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Survivors of suicide attempts
“I jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge” by BuzzFeedVideo
The video is about a gentleman by the name of Kevin who jumped off the bridge
because he could control his mental health. He is a living proof of suicide and he was to use his
experience just to help prevent and bring awareness to suicide. The golden bridge has been used
by over 2,000 people to end their lives. Kevin is considered to be very lucky and blessed to be
alive. Kevin was born premature by parents who were drug users. Because of his situation he
ended in the foster home system where he was going from home to home until a loving family
took him in. Life was fantastic until the age of 17 years old where he was experiencing bipolar,
psychosis, illumination, and extreme paranoia. With all these disorders, he believed everyone
was against him and nobody cared. He was mentally ill so he could not see or understand that
others cared.
As he explained how he jumped of the bridge, he said that although he could not deal
with his ...

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