Surviving the Holocaust: Comparison and Contrast of Anne Frank and Gerta Klein

Surviving the Holocaust: Comparison and Contrast of Anne Frank and Gerta Klein

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Survival is living on the hope that better things are yet to come in your life. Right now in our country people survive because of hope and the belief that people are good and they will help them out. People survive when they are homeless on the streets only because of the people who are good at heart and give them food or money to buy clothing for the winter. Gerta survived because of her family and friends. Anne Frank survived because she believed that “Despite all the evil going on in the world I still believe that all people are good at heart.”
~ Anne Frank

The Franks were a Jewish family who were living during the Holocaust. They went into hiding because Margot had gotten a letter and she was going to be taken away to a concentration camp and forced into labor. The franks along with the VannDanns, Mrs. VannDann, Mr. VannDann, Peter and Mouschi, Peter’s cat. They lived together for a while and then they let another Jewish man stay with them, Mr. Dussell, a dentist. Their survival was based on people and each other really. The biggest help was Miep who brought their food to them and got them their necessities like shampoo, nail polish, book, and other things. They had different ways of getting along like Margot for example, she got along by her studies. Anne got along by writing in her diary and telling her diary every thing that had happened. They all survived with the hope that the allied forces, the ones fighting against Germany in the war, would come and save them before the Nazis found their secret annex. Another jewish girl, Gerta Weissman Klein, lived during the holocaust.

Gerda Klein, a 15yr. old jewish girl. She had a brother, a mother, and father. Whom all were taken from her. Her brother wa...

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... back then the allied forces. I make a connection with Gerta because she survived with the determination, hope, and her friends. My friends allow all the bad things in the world to go away and let me have fun, because the help me be cheerful and happy.

People are homeless and people are poor right now but they still survive because of the people who are good at heart. They give them hope that they can survive. Gerta Klein and Anne Frank survived with countless reasons why but the biggest one was hope, hope that better things are yet to come. People are struggling to survive and have been, but you can help make a difference in their lives.

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