The Survival Manual : Pi Essay

The Survival Manual : Pi Essay

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By using the survival manual, Pi attempts to navigate his way, but he his unsuccessful. He decides to merely float.
Pi is extremely distraught when he has to kill a flying fish. He cries and whimpers stating that he has never killed any living creature before. The fish serves as a sacrifice to extend P’s life and Richard Parker’s life. Pi states, “Thank you, Lord Vishnu, thank you! Once you saved the world by taking the form of a fish. Now you have saved me by taking the form of a fish. Thank you, thank you!” (185). Fish are sacred to Pi and the large Dorado serves as a blessing of food that has brought him and Richard Parker a longer chance of survival.
Pi relays his developing skills of fishing. He soon becomes much more practiced and uses a gaff to cut off the fish’s head. He then begins to hunt for hawksbill turtles. Pi reflects on his days as a being a vegetarian. He states that as a child, it was difficult for him to open a banana because it sounded like an animal’s neck was being broken. He realizes now that he has turned to complete barbarism. Pi looks under the raft and sees shrimp, algae, and crabs along with other sea life. He eats the crabs like they are sweets. Pi notes that his sleeping patterns have changed. He discusses the way Richard Parker sleeps. Every time Pi thinks he sees a light, he sets off a flare but no one comes to his rescue. He talks about his experience killing a turtle. He drinks its blood and chops off its head.
If Pi wants to survive, the only access to food other than his shrinking supply on the boat is to hunt for sea creatures. The fish, turtles, and crabs bring out animalistic qualities in Pi. He was once a vegetarian who was unable to kill any living animal, but his current circumstance ha...

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...ather demonstrates that most zoo animals pose a threat to man. When Ravi and Pi witness a goat being slaughtered by the tiger, it is evident that Pi’s father makes an excellent point. However, intelligence is power. With knowledge of animalistic tendencies, positive relationships can be built between man and animal. This can lead to success in training, understanding who is dominant, and effectively addressing territories. Pi’s animalistic inclinations are emphasized when he aggressively eats sea creatures similarly to Richard Parker, when he marks his territory to display dominance, and when he smells the tiger’s feces to enforce superiority. By comparing man’s tendencies and mannerisms to animals, it is apparent that humans and animals share similar qualities. In this case, animals and humans are unquestionably alike when confronted by challenging circumstances.

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