Survey Results on Smoking in Oman Essay examples

Survey Results on Smoking in Oman Essay examples

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Inhaling or tasting gases or fumes from burning chemicals like tobacco is known as smoking. Cigarette smoking is now becoming a big issue throughout the cosmos and particularly in Oman. Scientist and medical researchers say that the bullet from a cigarette contains more than 4000 deadly chemicals, which could have various toxic, mutagenic effects. The capacity and concentration of chemical elements can vary widely from one brand or type of coffin nail to another single. More or less of these chemicals are Methanol, Tar, Nicotine, and Vinyl Chloride. But think these chemicals are starting inside a human body, it will surely destroy the human body slowly until that someone drops dead and it wouldn’t be a peaceable one. Because the number of smoking cars in Oman is tremendously increasing, the government has already worked a motion considering this subject. They are attempting to band this bad habit from the Sultanate.
A questionnaire was constructed as an instrument for this research. 9 questions were used to define the sample and these closed questions were totally designed for multiple-choice responses. Thirty two people in the 18 to 40 year age group were passed the questionnaire and thirty six were delivered. The respondents were student, teachers and English department from the MTC in Oman.
The questionnaire contained one open-ended question relating about smoking. The question asked the respondents on how did you first got involved in smoking. Also, another question asked the respondents about how many people in their family smoke. The respondents could pick out from the following answers: ‘’ few’’, ‘’a lot’’ and ‘’none’’.

This chart indicates the percent of the smo...

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...ingle student had to get through a medical examination. Every military personnel have to be free of diseases. That’s why there weren’t any students who suffer from cancer in the MTC.
In this research I had some barriers that made me struggled and made my mission challenging. One of them is, the respondents didn’t vary that much they were all students and some teachers in the college. Second, the respondents didn’t take the questionnaire seriously. Third, I didn’t have enough time to examine more teachers and other staff who work at the MTC. In the end, the percentage of the smokers in the MTC aren’t that high because the students are aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Also, they are military personnel and they are not allowed to smoke on campus.

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Correspondent Dr. Steve Salvatore, WASHINGTON (CNN).

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