Surveillance Cameras: Invasion of Privacy Essay

Surveillance Cameras: Invasion of Privacy Essay

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Since surveillance cameras have been invented for security reasons at shopping malls and stores they have also been place in public areas such as stoplights, parking lots, hallways, bus stops, and more.
I mainly think that our privacy maybe invaded due to the cameras being placed in a mass of public areas privacy can easily be invaded I don’t like it because if your on the phone and the people that watch the tapes can read lips can see what you are saying/texting and with texting they can zoom in on the messages.
Basically the government wants to see what we are up to 24/7 which is wrong for us now in stores and businesses I don’t really care for because those are to help catch thieves in the act of stealing store goods like TV systems, games systems and a lot more but really they invade a lot of privacy. Security cameras can be found in shopping malls, stores and in schools all across the US to help prevent theft in those buildings with security cameras can be benifituary in the places to catch robbers thieves shoplifters and employees not doing their work on camera.
Security cameras can be found all over the mall from stores to the food courts to ensure safety. If we go back to six-seven years ago there was a shooting in the Muskogee Oklahoma mall didn’t have those cameras for proof of evidence the man convicted of shooting a child and other people would have a long trial but since they did they had all the proof they needed.
Say like you in a parking lot and you minding your own business and people “think” your doing something illegal and you get falsely accused those cameras can help you in a good time but say if you were on the phone and the cameras had sound or a microphone to capture sound and here you over the phone t...

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... falsely accused of a federal crime (which is rare).
Basically security cameras are basically good and bad in all ways due to helping the public and bad for invading peoples privacy daily which would not surprise me that the government is also up to no good doing all of this but if it helps catches people who are hacking computers from other countries then oh well with that stuff. So in all ways they are good and bad for most public areas besides stores and high criminal activity area parking lots for the US otherwise crime will not stop for the people in the US and privacy will keep being invaded as long there is crime.

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