Essay Surrogacy Is Morally Right Or Wrong?

Essay Surrogacy Is Morally Right Or Wrong?

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Many people argue over if the practice is morally right or wrong. Supporters of surrogacy argue that, “Surrogacy provides infertile couples with a unique opportunity to raise a child who carries their genes. Surrogacy is a win-win proposition…” (Surrogacy.” Issues & Controversies”). Opponents on the other hand argue, “Putting a price tag on a woman 's womb is unnatural and distasteful. Indeed, surrogacy essentially assigns a dollar value to the life of a baby, which is abhorrent.” (Surrogacy.” Issues & Controversies”) Although there are many opinions of the subject, many women decide to practice surrogacy and enjoys the process of being a surrogate mother.
Some people think that it is morally wrong to put a price on a woman’s womb, and a life of a child. It should be a wonderful experience for an infertile couple to be able to have a child. In certain views, it is understandable why many decide to argue against it, many people would never put a price on “the life” of a child, as some would call it. Although, many families are made through the process of surrogacy. Once a surrogate agreement it is completes, the surrogate mother can be paid over 30,000 dollars. Many choose to believe that a price is not the important thing, the important thing is that a special person could give a person or couple a baby that are not physically able to carry themselves.
“The practice of surrogacy has turn into a big debate over the years. Surrogate parenting has risen sharply in recent years.” (Chamie, Mirkin. YaleGlobal) It’s estimated that half of all such births since 1978 occurred during the last six years. Rising popularity of the procedure in India, Thailand and elsewhere has led to devious online brokers, questionable private clinics, cl...

... middle of paper ... can be formulated in which the” nurturing relationship” of the pregnancy experience is not overlooked in the policy debate.” (Andrea Bonnicksen. A Commentary on Four Papers on Surrogate Motherhood) Women develop such powerful emotional bonds with their unborn children. Surrogacy completely undermines that unique facet of motherhood, many critics say.
Still experts continue to debate surrogacy on moral grounds. The main issue regarding surrogacy today is the implementation of surrogacy laws in individual states. Supporters of surrogacy argue that more states need laws recognizing the validity of surrogacy, and should start regulating the practice to make it more legitimate. Critics of surrogacy still think that the practice of using a woman 's womb to give birth to a child that is not her own is too unnatural and immoral to be legalized at all at any point in time.

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