The Supreme Court Decision Is Its Effect On American Livelihoods

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When picking the best Supreme court cases from each generation of the court, you have to ask yourself what makes a Supreme Court decision the best. I personally feel that a good supreme court decision has to have had a massive effect on American livelihoods and shifted the way the U.S. government uses its power while governing. The most important part of a Supreme Court decision is its everlasting effects on how it helped develop the judiciary into what it is today, and regulate the powers of congress and advancing American civil liberties. In Marbury v. Madison, this case illustrates how the judicial part of the U.S. government obtained more power. The case was brought to the court in 1801, after Thomas Jefferson won the elections of 1800 against the current president of that time, John Adams. This case was about a number of promised appointments made by John Adams that were not upheld by then secretary of state James Madison, namely that of William Marbury, who sued in federal court for his position as Justice of the Peace in DC. What was so important about this case, was not necessarily whether or not Marbury was given his position, but rather that it was the first time the court formally stated that the constitution was the paramount law of the land and that any legislation repugnant to the constitution is void, in this case it was the judiciary act of 1789. In other words and what makes this case one of the greats is that Marbury v. Madison established the court’s power of judicial review. Had I been a justice in the court I would have responded in much the same way as the court did. The court established judicial review, their most important and most exercised power, and before Marbury they participated less in the syst... ... middle of paper ... ... 1937’s West Coast Hotel v. Parrish, which was a win for workers everywhere. The case centered around a minimum wage law in Washington state. West Coast Hotel paid below the minimum wage to one of their employees, Elsie Parish and she sued. The court upheld the law and struck down both Adkins and Lochner in the process. Again I agree with the Court’s opinion in this case. They argued that minimum wage laws are a valid exercise of police power, meaning that states had every right to implement minimum wage laws for all citizens. West Coast Hotel said that this undermines there freedom of contract rights, but the court asserted that public welfare comes before freedom of contract and, in the process, undermined a few of the negative uses of substantive due process used in the past. This is a major doctrine for workers rights and still positively effects workers today.
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