Essay Supporting Teachers And Support The Families Of Students

Essay Supporting Teachers And Support The Families Of Students

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Two helpful courses of action schools can take are establishing programs that can support teachers and support the families of students. Duncan and Murnane talk about how supporting the teachers and family members of a student can actually in turn benefit the student. Money doesn’t necessarily correlate with student success. It is shown that when money is used to improve teaching or provide additional valuable experiences for students, that money leads to student success. If Michael’s school established or partnered with other agencies to help and support teachers, the teachers would improve at their job and as a result, students would be more successful. If Michael’s school set up a way to support students’ families, students’ home lives would be less stressful and they could focus more on school. Also if schools helped parents learn to properly spend money, find jobs, and keep jobs, students’ lives would be more stable.
A less helpful course of action schools can take, are tracking students, especially at a young age. In The Wire, Michael’s teachers establish a pilot program to separate the worst behaved students into one class. The though was to separate the troublemakers and thus provide the other students a more productive and focused atmosphere. Often when students are tacked, the students monitored are the highest performing students, not the lowest. Ripley talks about how any type of tracking favors fixed mindsets, meaning if students are not in the “advanced” group, they feel they aren’t smart and become discouraged. With that type of attitude, it is hard to switch groups and succeed. The earlier students are tracked the larger the gap is between the two groups, mentally and intelligently. Although Michael was not part o...

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...angerous man, get a stable job with enough income to provide for her children, and learn how to be a responsible adult and parent. To ensure Michael’s school experience is valuable, I would suggest the school hire highly qualified teachers, adapt to a curriculum that teaches students to want to learn and not to just memorize, establish support groups for teachers and families of students, and starts planting the idea of going to college in their student’s brains at a very early age. I think if Michael had the resources to go to counseling and confront his mental health, he would be able to bond with adults who care about him and want to help him. I think if he had a teacher that he was comfortable with and who went above and beyond their job description, he could have a personal relationship with someone with much more life experience and could act as his mentor.

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