Supporting Public Financed Campaigns Essay

Supporting Public Financed Campaigns Essay

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The government system is consequently very flawed. I want it to change, but I really never wanted to be involved in politics. I did not even really want to write about any of these topics. It is really hard learning all about these writing techniques at my age. I forgot so much and never went to college right after. I finally caught on to sentence structures my last year in high school in 1976. I did not even want to take a government class, but I am somewhat enjoying it. It has been an eye opener and a total challenge. Tarrant County College is not requiring students to take government for my degree anymore. I am one of the ones that had felt that my vote did not matter. I have felt this way almost all my adult life. I felt that most politicians are crooked and they have had the power for too long. How could one vote help? When I did vote it did not change anything. I did not vote for Obama and he still was nominated and elected anyway! The other reason I did not like voting is because I knew I would be in line for jury duty and I have no desire to fill that position either. It totally freaks me out. I really do not know why either. I have never liked talking about politics or listening to politics. Just like I do not care about sports on TV either. I feel the reason more people are not involved is because they do not believe in our politicians either and/or the system of voting. I have learned allot this semester in this government class. I believe I need to get more involved and try to lead others into getting more involved too. I really believe people just get so caught up in every day living and having the wrong thoughts about politics. Most people probably feel there really is not much they can do to ...

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...ecause there is no money or power to get things accomplished or changed. The weaker political parties have trouble getting a foothold on the task so desperately needed.

Supporting public finance for campaigns might be a good idea. I think there will be people desperate for a change seeking a better way for campaigns to work. It has to be radical movement. The reforms that are to come about will help to iron out this problem. I will have to do some more research and be more involved with others before I could answer this one honestly.

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