Essay on Supporting Mental Health : Taking Care Of Our Children

Essay on Supporting Mental Health : Taking Care Of Our Children

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Supporting Mental Health: Taking Care of our Children

Children are the future. It is important that we take care of our future generation by giving them the tools they need to flourish and grow. To be able to flourish, they need more than just academic support. Mental health support is just as important to health and happiness as succeeding academically. A positive mental state can be just as effective as a good grade on a report card.
When we think of mental health, we don 't often think of it in terms of children that suffer. Children are very good at hiding things from their peers, teachers, and parents. The truth is that mental health issues affect children just as frequently as it does adults, and "addressing the mental and emotional needs of our kids is just as important as keeping them safe from physical injury and illness" (Franken). I feel that where children spend so much time in school, it is important that schools take the initiative to support mental health, and screen for mental health problems before they become a bigger issue than they already are. In this case study, I will be discussing the positive aspects of the Mental Health in Schools Act, created by political figure Grace Napolitano. This program will allow schools to offer mental health screening and provide the funding needed to care for the mental health needs of children.
It has been noted that mental illness can affect as many as 1 in 5 children. Often times they go without treatment. In a recent study, it was reported that this is the case because "they either cannot afford care, lack access, or do not know anyone they can turn to for help". During the past 20 years, suicide rates have doubled for children between the ages of 10 and 14 (Spencer). ...

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...e had help and treatment prior to the incident? I am not saying that mental health treatment will cure all acts of violence in our world today, but even if it could prevent even one, then I would say that was a success.
As we can all see, the benefits from having mental health support in school systems will not only benefit the student, it will benefit society as a whole. Mentally healthy children are able to perform better in schools, but also with their families, friends, and community. It will create a better environment for the student to grow and learn as they blossom into adulthood. The Mental Health in Schools Act is a program that needs to be welcomed and accepted in all school systems. Children spend a major part of their lives in school, so it is up to us as adults to make sure that in school, they are treated with just as much care as they are at home.

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