Essay on Supporting Israel: Recent Rise of Anti-Semitism

Essay on Supporting Israel: Recent Rise of Anti-Semitism

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Every time someone turns on the news there is so much that is going on in the world like the Russians secret nuclear plant, the President of the United States flirts and takes selfie, actors that died or are going to rehab, violence against ethnicities in Syria , and fighting for religious freedom in Egypt. How much of this is real? How much attention is given to the important news? The media has a tendency of showing what they know will be popular eve, if it’s not true. Like the previous examples, the media only displays what will cause more controversy on the issue of Israel. They make false claims and only show parts of footage that set up Israel to look like the enemy. Since we are not living in the Middle East, we swallow the news up and believe our only source of information and begin to talk about it in the way that the media shows it to us. Israel is then spoken of as this horrible country where the people are racist, there is no religious freedom and the listeners then begin rooting for the “peace” religion of Islam. They begin to spread the hatred of anti-Semitic claims. Israel is left with a bad image and no defense.
This paper examines the recent rise of anti-Semitism across the United States and argues the importance of supporting Israel and the validity of Christian Zionism. It is rather important for Christians to become well informed of anti-Semitic claims, whys supporting Israel is necessary, and what Christian Zionism is, because Israel is at a crucial point in time and needs all the support it can get. Beginning with and introduction to anti-Semitism, followed by the whys of supporting Israel, and ending with Christian Zionism the reader will be more informed of this subject in order to make a correct choice w...

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