Supporting Bycicle Use in Brasilia Essay

Supporting Bycicle Use in Brasilia Essay

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“Brasilia is not a city designed for cyclists or pedestrians. It’s a city designed for cars”. This phrase is very common to be heard by the Brazilians citizens. Despite that fact, it seems that the Government is changing that image of the city. The Government of the Federal District is implementing 600 km of bicycle paths until 2014 [1]. After this achievement, Brasilia will have one of the world's largest bicycle paths in the world.
The effort that the Government of the city of Brasilia is performing is the result of the perception that the current model of transport in which the overwhelming majority of the city residents use car as transportation is not a sustainable one. It is well known that the prioritization of the use of cars in the whole world contributed to the increase of pollution, traffic jams, sedentary life and for an irrational use of the space. The environmental resources are limited in contradiction to the human’s needs - that way, since the use of cars demands the use of fuel, that consists in an limited resource, it is not sustainable to maintain such a high level of car dependency1.
Since the first oil crisis, cities from all over the world saw the bicycles as an effective and lower cost mean of transportation and decided to invest on it [2] [3] [4]. In Amsterdam, the bicycle system become so big that one of the main causes of the delay and overspending lays in the renovation of the Rijks Museum was the construction of a bicycle tunnel [5].
For its effort to build such a large bicycle path, it´s clear that Brasilia is not different. But, the construction of an enormous bicycle path is just one of the Government challenges. For this mobility plan becomes successful it will be necessary to deal with some chal...

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...eas, we can together strengthen” Brasilia’s “image among our target groups and attract the right parties and relevant tie-ins to the city”. (marketing visit).
The possibility of using a Public-Private Partnership shows that the absence or insufficiency of resources doesn’t have to be a hindrance to the Government. The Public-Private Partnerships can be used in almost every phase of the construction of a bicycle system: to the construction of the infrastructure to the fomentation of the use of the system. So, in order to make it work, all that is needed is the engagement of the stakeholders. For such a huge system like this, it is needed the cooperation of the Government, businesses and non profits (cyclists associations) [17]. Having this engagement, not only the bicycle system can work, but the city will certainly take a step to a whole new idea of quality of life.

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