Support for the Metric System in America Essay

Support for the Metric System in America Essay

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The metric system is the most common system of measurement and nearly every country uses it but one, America. People who needed an easier way to measure things invented this system of measurement long ago. While the metric system was spreading to every country, Britain was using the customary units of measurement to measure things. As the British started colonizing America, the customary system moved with them. Finally, when Britain decided to convert to metric, the newly democratic America established its system of measurement as customary while almost every other country measured in metric. America should change to the metric system because it will promote more jobs in America, it would increase relations with other countries, and it is easier to understand and apply.
The switch from customary to metric will decrease the unemployment rate greatly and promote more jobs in America. The most important jobs needed are the ones that will remake and sell new and correct products to customers. There are many products that have customary measurements like rulers, textbooks, and road signs so if this country switches to metric, the demand for these products will rise and businesses will hire more workers to meet the demand. Many people in America are homeless and jobless, so the switch to metric will help get them the jobs they need to make money because the many jobs that will be provided can be simple to many poorly-educated people, such as hanging up a road sign. As a result to the decrease in unemployment, many people will transition from living on the streets to working in a paying job and providing for their own needs.
Today, not many countries have strong relations with America, and the metric system will help bring a co...

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... measure. They will not want the hassle of remembering two different measurements throughout their lives. Americans are not very stubborn and are willing enough to change to a simpler system of measurements.
In conclusion, the U.S. should switch their system of measurement to metric because many people would think it easier for themselves and their society. America should change to the metric system because it will promote more jobs in America, it would increase relations with other countries, and it is easier to understand and apply. There are many reasons that America should switch to the metric system and in the future Americans will probably say the word meter without knowing that before, they would have said the word foot.

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