Support And Stability Of A Child 's Educational Success Essay

Support And Stability Of A Child 's Educational Success Essay

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To successfully teach students living in poverty, educators need to provide support and stability. Teachers should be aware of different strategies used in the classroom that encourage students living in poverty, rather than singling them out from other children. After doing extensive research, I have found numerous strategies and activities that can aid in a child’s educational success while living in poverty.
The first strategy I would implement in my classroom is setting a specific set of rules for students to adhere to while at school. Ruby Payne, writer for ASCD, formerly known as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, believes:
The actions and attitudes that help a student learn and thrive in a low-income community often clash with those that help one get ahead in school. The simple way to deal with this clash of norms is to teach students two sets of rules (Payne, 2008).
Creating a set of rules is beneficial to all students in the classroom. First, I gather students around the carpet area and get their attention by holding a football in one hand and a basketball in the other. I explain to them that each game has a different set of rules, just like we have at home and here at school. Instead of coming up with classroom rules myself, I will ask the students to assist me. Start out by telling students to think about some of the rules they have at home or things they know they should not do. Then ask, “What are some good classroom rules we can follow?” If you notice some students shouting out, offer up the rule of raising our hands when we want to speak. Other important classroom rules should be: keep our hands and feet to ourselves, be kind and respectful to other classmates, listen while classmates and t...

... middle of paper ... around my school, so they know many of the families in the community. I encouraged John to give karate a try this year as I thought it might help with his aggression, and I believe he really benefited from it. It gave him more time to spend with his friends, released some of his aggression, and was free so it had no effect on his family’s income. To incorporate these activities into the classroom, every Friday in the gym my co-teacher and I would let the students demonstrate what they were learning in dance and karate class. John often enjoyed teaching me new karate moves. He always told me, “Don’t worry, Miss McDevitt. Now that I know karate, I can protect you.” Without these community resources, I know John would not be able to take karate. Thanks to kind, caring, and dedicated individuals in my community, he can continue on to the next level once school starts.

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