Support A Growing Population Of Diverse Students Essay

Support A Growing Population Of Diverse Students Essay

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In the effort to support a growing population of diverse students, states are encouraging schools to promote family engagement and education equality. To help with this promotion schools need to have a welcoming and friendly environment for students, family, and staff members. The purpose for family engagement is to get families evolved in education to help support the academic success of their children. The most common family engagement opportunity is an open house right before school starts and parent/teacher conferences. However, family engagement events should be promoted throughout the year just not 3 times a year.
Logistics of Plan
A planning committee of school staff member’s needs be put into place for planning family engagement events. Committee members need to keep in mind the culture, ethnic, socioeconomics, family work schedules, and transportation options. Engagement events should vary in its time of day, and cost (if there is one) through the year to allow families to attend that may not have the typical work hours or income to patriciate in events that would have a cost.
Family engagement events should provide families with multiple choices for participation through the year. These event could be a family read night, parent volunteer program, community outreach, carnival night, and fundraiser opportunity (a movie day/night or family skate night). These engagement events do not always need to be held at the schools for families to be involved with their child’s education. The events should be held at different locations within the community for more of a community involvement with education. For instance, a movie day/night could be held at a local movie theater or a skate night at the local rol...

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...lude Civil Rights Act, Every Student Succeeds Act, No Child Left Behind Act, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and a few others (U.S. Department of Education).
Course Question in Area 3
What are the benefits of addressing home, school and community needs in a culturally responsive way to enhance and support the student’s learning experience?

The federal government sees that each state has their own particular needs and that not all schools across the United States have the same needs. Because of this the federal government has set guidelines for states to follow, however the state is able to also develop their own laws based of the general education law guidelines. States then pass on education laws to individual districts that are then able to adjust and make them their own based on the community needs of that

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