Supply Chain Of Activities And Processes That Produce Apple Consumer Products

Supply Chain Of Activities And Processes That Produce Apple Consumer Products

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The concept of complex linkages refers to the network of organizations involved through up and downstream linkages in different activities and processes that produce Apple consumer products. It facilitates collaboration for efficient, effective and competitive movement of Apple products, services, information and monetary resources around the globe. It is important for the company to be careful about managing its global suppliers because they are its business enablers and revenue drivers. They provide competitive advantage by enabling products to get to the market faster through effective and efficient distribution channels. The supply chain of activities is what drives the business. They enable make the products more economical than the competition’s.
The advantages of complex linkages include having specialized suppliers who focus on perfecting their component delivery and ecosystems that create strong barriers for new entries into Apple’s competition. It has also enabled price concessions from their main suppliers. The disadvantage is that it is expensive to switch to new suppliers in case the contract is ended for the current supplier. They are idiosyncratic and therefore difficult and time-consuming to create or re-establish with new value chain partners.
Apple can enforce the codes of supplier conduct across all suppliers by ensuring effective communication with the managers at the supplier companies. Also, having Apple engineers at the suppliers’ companies would allow for Apple to monitor the standards and ensure they are enforced to meet requirements.
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