Supply Chain Management ( Scm ) Essay

Supply Chain Management ( Scm ) Essay

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Throughout this assessment, different views of the proposed analytical frameworks will be analysed, as well as insights from other authors about Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chains, Global Value Chain and Global Production Networks, in order to more clearly understand the complexity of the themes addressed.
Supply chain Management:
Regarding Supply Chain Management (SCM), there are two different frameworks, each one with its view. The first, focused on a mainstream view, is developed by Martin Christopher while the second one is presented by Andrew Cox and it develops a more critical approach. The first gives the reader an understanding of the concept of SCM and how firms can stand over time and become more efficient, through a competitive advantage strategy. On the other hand, Cox presents a concrete case-“Japanese industry in the 1970’s and 1980’s” (Cox, 1999, p.167) explicitly with Toyota-giving an argument for which the company succeeded.
Logistics, the supply chain and competitive strategy (Christopher, 2011)
In this framework Christopher states that SCM is a wider concept than logistics, while the later looks for all process about moving goods through a business, SCM is wider in the sense that it manages the upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers with the intention of delivering superior value for customer at less cost to the supply chain, creating an higher profitable outcome. As the main goal of a SCM is to deliver the highest value to customers, the supply chain should be driven by the market, that is, it should produce what customers want.
According to the author, a firm can get a competitive advantage in three ways: getting a cost advantage, value advantage or both. A firm can achi...

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...d communication technologies, and the onset of “global” competition” (Henderson et al., 2002: 443), GPN enables to combine the influences across firms and national boundaries by the value chain at the same time as it integrates the hierarchy of its participants.
Likewise, with the development of the networks the Logistics problem stopped being addressed. However there are limitations in the approach of GNP’s such as the attempt to explain and include everything and the increased complexity of the framework.
Moreover, the GNP’s framework on one hand attempts to break the state-centric conceptualizations and on the other hand extend the analytical and policy utility. However the success of GNP’s framework will depend on whether the research produced contributes to improve the human conditions in the age of economic and geo-political turbulence in which we now exist.

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