Supply Chain Management : Qube 's Biggest Export And Import Service Providers Of The Logistics Services

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Introduction Qube is one of the Australia’s biggest export and import service providers of the logistics services. In the year 2010, the company came into existence. Qube logistics deals with the services such as road and rail transport, distribution, warehousing, and the container parks. In the last few years, the company has worked for the expansion and is now the biggest service provider of Australia in the sphere of Supply chain management and the logistics. Out of the total earnings of the Qube, 45% is only contributed by the logistics department. The Bulk and the port contribute up to 50% and the rest 5% is contributed by the assets chips and through its tactical land holding components in Sydney (, 2016). Qube in the New South Wales: Port Botany Freight Terminal Port Botany Empty Park Yennora Intermodal Terminal Macarthur Intermodal Terminal. Qube Logistics features in the New South Wales: In NSW the Qube logistics is the largest provider of the logistics services. It is the strategy of the Qube to integrate the small companies and the domestic logistic and get an efficient and effective company. Many of the acquisition are done by the Qube in the recent years and added it to its network. Qube is very competitive in the market (, 2016). It has the biggest terminal of the rail network in the NSW; the fleet size of the rail is 750 wagons and around 65 locos. Qube almost generates the 17% revenue with the help of its quality management team; it also helps in the generation of the customer value with the reliability and the high speed of delivery (, 2016). Issues in the Qube Logistic Network: The logistics industry is affected by many factors that are from the outside or within t... ... middle of paper ... ... issues. For attaining the long term relationship the industry has to optimize the entire supply chain cooperatively (Robinson, 2006). The middle and the upper management are also to be involved in the achievement of such objectives. To attain this long-term relationship within an industry, entire supply chain should be optimized cooperatively. The upper and middle management should be involved to achieve the objective. Conclusion: This report helped in understanding the Logistics services of the Qube in the New South Wales of Australia. The target area of the Qube Logistics with its features and the company description is also is also discussed. This report gives a great understanding of the issues related to the logistics system and the process to resolve such issues and how the company in spite of such issues is still the acting as the leader of the industry.

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