Supply Chain Management : Customer Demands And Develops On Customer Relationships

Supply Chain Management : Customer Demands And Develops On Customer Relationships

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Nowadays, logistic is a vital need in business. It is the main way to connect the supply chain to the companies and to coordinate various operations. Waters (2003) outlined that logistic consists on the process of planning, implementation and control of an efficient performance, on the flow of materials or instant products in inventory, and related forward and reverse flow of products from the point of origin to the point of consumption into the consumer requirement. The aim of this project is to outline the customer expectations related to supplier and to evaluate the methods of dealing with non-expectations in the supply chain management.

The marketing concept focuses on customer demands and develops on customer relationships. As a result, logistic has an outstanding function in the supply chain because it links firms, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, raw materials supplier, and customers. It may also be that the market has expanded competitions around the world, so some firms are developing new methods to gain advantage from the contest in business. Metzer, (2007) suggested that customer relationship has a significant role in the organizations of the global supply chains.

Following the most important customer expectations related to supplier. The first one is reliability, one of the positive aspects of the firm basic service platform. In this case, reliability refers to the performance of supplier in contact with customer. If the supplier accepts one day delivery but takes two day to deliver the product, it results unreliable. If the supplier has many deliveries the same day, they might cause unpunctuality in transportation. The second one, responsibility, is generally defined as being able to answer to the custo...

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...ecome a basis on which suppliers can make profits.
In conclusion the customer expectations in the supply chain management refers to factors regarded to responsiveness of operations , reliability in customer, credibility, access, security and competency as well as communication and customer-specific knowledge. It is clear that when customer has numerous expectations that is, the suppliers should make operational performance reliability in companies. As can be seen in this project, failures in customer satisfaction are still common in operations. Furthermore methods of dealing with non-expectations are particularly important in supply chain management. However, the most problem in this operation can solve or decrease damage in communication between suppliers and customers. Finally, the supply chain management is undoubtedly challenging, but Rome was not built in a day.

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