Supply And Demand Of Economics

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Supply and Demand, in economics is the relationship between the amounts of a Product that the producers are selling at a various prices and the amounts of the consumers desire to buy. There is a law in the Supply and Demand which explaining the interaction between the supply of the product or resources and the demand of it to the consumers. Both of it is connected to each other. The Law of Supply and Demand pull against each other that cause to it to increase or decrease in some various ways. There are so many factors that can affect both supply and demand. Here are some factors that affect the supply of the product. One of the most common factors that affect the supply of the product is the Weather because some or many of the products or materials that are being used is sometimes can be bought in winter season or in a summer season that’s why some producers tends to have an increase in price. That’s why supply is always in relative to price and time. The second one is the availability of the resources. It truly affect the supply because once that the producers are not that havin...

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