Essay about Supervision Theory

Essay about Supervision Theory

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Why is a supervision theory basis necessary? How does an effective leader bridge theory to practice?
Supervision involves having other people do work through delegation of duties. This requires that the people to whom work has been delegated be trusted and respected. There needs to be confidence between the employees and the supervisor. To compete effectively and achieve success companies usually rely on the involvement of their employees and must nurture their employees and encourage their initiative. This requires effective leaders who can encourage others to be committed and involved at work (Barry, Herbert & Jeannette, 2003). On one side, the supervisor bears pressure from the management, who wants the work done while on the other side, the employees want a fair leadership.
Understanding this theory of supervision is necessary in determining how well to have a good work done without problems so as not to crash with the management. On the other hand, supervisors need to understand how to relate well with the employees so that they can produce good work that pleases the management. In other words, the supervisor needs to understand how to deal with pressure from both sides.
So as to bridge theory into practice, an effective leader must put a lot effort so as to make changes into the system. This involves consistently applying what he/she has learnt into practice. After changes have become noticeable, more theoretical input is needed to maintain this change (Wells, 2009). This means that an effective leader needs to be patient, consistent and optimistic about change. He needs to be persuasive especially to the management so that his ways of leading will achieve into improved results and a better collaboration between the com...

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...the employees should be given and accept the authority and responsibility of the work assigned to him. By being given authority of the work, I believe that the employee shall feel that he has been trusted with the assignment and that it lies in his hands until completion. This sense of trust, I believe make the employee feel important in the group and that he can freely contribute towards making decisions regarding the assignment. By giving the employees responsibility of the work, I believe they will effectively work on it without the need of much supervision.

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