Supervision Models, Interventions, And Skills Essay

Supervision Models, Interventions, And Skills Essay

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Supervision Models, Interventions, and Skills
With respect to John’s case situation, I feel that the best supervision model to use is a solution-focused model. When using the solution-focused model, the supervisor needs to set the tone and expectations so that the sessions are focused on the supports, strengths, and resources (Gray & Smith, 2009). By doing this, it makes it so the relationship is more collaborative and not just the supervisor having all the answers (Gray & Smith, 2009). Supervisees are the ones that determine their goals and how to meet them; it empowers them (Dewane, 2015). The most important reason why I feel that this would be a great model to use with John is that it the supervisor places emphasis on helping the supervisee construct a positive future of their work with clients (Gray & Smith, 2009). John is struggling right now with the decision of if he wants to be a social worker in the future and how he feels that he has not made a difference in the lives of this client. Focusing on his future, maybe having him try something different, and generating options are all components of this model that could really help John (Dewane, 2015). This model is really focusing on the possibilities of the future; to help the supervisee see the positive in the difficult situations they might be dealing with (Dewane, 2015). This will help John to focus on what is possible rather than the causes of what is wrong. The goal is to problem solve and find a solution to help John deal with the loss of his client, while also helping him to think about being if he still wants to be a social worker.
At the present time, there is not any research to be found of using solution focused supervision model when working with a supervisee w...

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...was to try and find ways to help when supervising a supervisee is dealing with the loss of a client who committed suicide. It was found through a review of literature that when therapists lose clients to suicide it could impact them for a long time. Additionally, there is not a lot of formal training for counselors in regards to client suicide and its impact on emotions. With that being said, there needs to be trainings given to any individual or agency that is working with clients who are at risk of committing suicide. Unfortunately, in working with individuals who have mental health problems it is not out of the question to have a client commit suicide. It is a terrible situation that any therapist would have to deal with and one that needs to be taken seriously. Mental health professionals need to get their emotions/feelings taken care of just like clients do.

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