Supervision for Successful Schools Essay

Supervision for Successful Schools Essay

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Analysis of Supervision
In every institution the type of leadership style is important for a successful environment. In order to establish a successful school environment to compete globally, the leader should comprehend the basic leadership theories and styles (Glickman et al., 2010). The cultures at schools are important to the success of the students and overall of the school, but also can be very difficult to establish and maintain without the proper leadership knowledge (Waite, 1995). In United States many schools could be place in the categories of conventional, congenial, or collegial, because the strategies used for their leadership (Glickman et al., 2010).The chosen school could be classified according to different criteria and could be determine in which area their leadership pertains more. In order to analyzed and classify the leadership, it was imperative to observed the way the leader make decisions, the approached with the stakeholders, how the instruction is delivered, and how they realized their job (Marshall, 2005). In this analysis will be identify the category that this school will be, the school climate, the type of supervision and leadership.
School Category
The school categories are conventional, congenial, or collegial. These three categories are distinguish by discussing the style that the principal administers the school (Glickman et al., 2010). Each individual category gives out a different outcome. A conventional administration or leadership it is recognized by the lack of communication among the staff and the administrator, also, the independence of the teachers is evident, it is no common goal it is a more individual goals setting, usually the responsible for everything are the students and teachers...

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...ased on the job or actions of a person, and not because their title (Waite, 1995). It will be imperative that the leader could take in consideration how to facilitate any changes and the action to research. These two will help in identify best practices and goal setting for the school improvement.

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