Superstore And Walmart Follow A Grid Layout Essay

Superstore And Walmart Follow A Grid Layout Essay

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Superstore and Walmart follow a grid layout to display merchandise. Superstore follows more of a white based theme for their interior design; starting from the shelves to the flooring and signage has influence of color white. For Walmart there is no particular color pattern they follow; the shelves are grey in color, flooring is off white and signage is done in blue with white writings. Since both the stores carry variety brands. So, product shelfing is done quite similar as the main objective is to accommodate all the brands they carry under their shelving space. One of the important finding was that items priced low were placed on the bottom shelf, products with high price are placed at the eye sight level. At the end of every aisle there are end caps placed to provoke customers to make impulse purchase. In addition, Complementary product placement was found in Superstore aisle when compared to Walmart. For example: in superstore ice-cream scoops are placed beside the aisle where they display frozen desserts and ice-creams. Both the stores have proper signage to lead customers to different departments. But in Walmart they have a store map placed at the entrance, which his really handy for customers shopping for the first time. As far as the lighting of the store goes Super store got better lighting when compared to Walmart. It was found that, center roofing of the Superstore is done in glass; this helps customers to enjoy daylight when shopping. Super store flooring is done in white tiles; this helps to reflect the store light and makes the store look brighter.

It was noticed that, both the stores utilize flooring space efficiently and effectively as the items are grouped and put together with proper signage. As far as the pr...

... middle of paper ...

...he store when customers need help. This issue can be only tackled by employing more sales staff to help customers. As mentioned above Superstore lack proper store map as Walmart does up in the entrance to help shoppers. As in this twenty first century, most of the stores tend to adapt new technology to improve customers shopping experience. Likewise, Superstore can have electronic screens where customers can navigate through to view the stock availability in the store. This would help the customers trying tot find the product looking at the shelf. Moreover, it will be great if superstore can have monitors through out the store displaying the deals in the store. This would help Superstore to inform customers about specific deals in the store. All these chance if made would definitely increase customer’s satisfaction and will also help the store to achieve more sales.

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