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Apple slices are one of the healthiest meal choices served at fast-food restaurants today, but only upon request of the customer. Instead the customer is automatically supplied with greasy trans-fat filled French fries. (Tucker,Charlotte) If the fast-food companies would give the apple slices as the standard the America Public Health Association (APHA) pronounced (affa) says that meals would be much healthier. APHA is a research company solely dedicated to studying health factors of food and the health of the individual who consumes the product. With three out of every five people in the United States obese or over weight, partly due to the very unhealthy options served at these fast-food restaurants. The fast-food industry does provide a few healthier choices but what they fail to do is display them as much as they do their unhealthier alternatives. The fast-food industry has made a few strides to provide healthier options, but they are not doing enough.
A couple of the strides they have made are offering some items the McDonalds Corporations lists as “healthy options.” One of these products that I would like to bring to your attention is the oatmeal that McDonalds serves. McDonalds claims that this product is healthy for you with all of its dehydrated fruits and nuts they serve with it. What they do not show is the extremely high amounts of sugar and salts that this oatmeal contains inside its cup. The oatmeal is offered in the mornings as a healthy option but in fact it has the same amount of calories as a double-cheeseburger. (Bittman, Mark)
In addition to the oatmeal being offered as an alternative many fast-food restaurants have began offering fruits such as apple slices, raisins, and dehydrated banana chips. These are...

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...ica on the horizon.

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