The Supermarket : Prime Real Estate, And Effective Academic Writing Essay

The Supermarket : Prime Real Estate, And Effective Academic Writing Essay

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“The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate” and Effective Academic Writing
To create a sound piece of writing it is imperative to develop skills that make the piece both enjoyable and understandable to the reader. By doing so we become academic writers who acknowledge the importance of careful and concise writing. The piece of writing that I found best exemplifies an academic piece in its use of Craft tips is “The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate”, by Nestle. I believe this because of its meta-commentary, outstanding framework while quoting, and use of transitional phrases. This particular essay pulls together ideas about a modest subject, the grocery store and its’ setup, in a way that is intriguing to the reader by the expansion of simple ideas, and the flow that makes it an easy read.
Pieces of academic writing are constantly being critiqued. Its ideas are picked apart and judged by the various types of people who decide to read them. Everyone holds a different view on what components of a piece of literature make it superior, and make it academic in nature. Using the art of meta-commentary or “making a point of explaining something that’s already been written”, is a skill I believe to be important in an academic piece (Graff and Birkenstein 129). It is essential because it provides the reader with further insight into the claims of the author. By providing this, the reader is made to understand the claim and therefore determine how they are supposed to feel about it. Nestle uses the art of meta-commentary throughout her piece while talking about the supermarket 's clever setup to entice customers with many brands. She explains, there are so many choices it can be intimidating to shop in these grocery stores. Nestle used meta-comment...

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...en more impactful when used in conjunction with other Craft tips as Nestle does in this reading. Nestle uses a particular transitional phrase to correlate the amount sold with the amount purchased stating, “This strategy is based on research proving that “the rate of exposure is directly related to the rate of sale of merchandise”. In other words, the more you see the more you buy” (498-499). By using the phrase “in other words” Nestle is generalizing what the previous quote wanted to convey, so the reader can easily understand it. By using transitional phrases in this way we can see Nestle is an academic writer who cares for her piece to be understood and uses Craft tips in outstanding ways to do so.
Beginning the process of academic writing is not always an easy task but using certain tips in order to become a more effective writer is beneficial. Nestle uses this

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