Supermarket Channel Retail Options Used By Kroger And Walmart Essay

Supermarket Channel Retail Options Used By Kroger And Walmart Essay

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Search for information revealing multichannel/Omni channel retail options used by Kroger and Walmart using at least 5 unique sources for each company. Summarize multichannel options used by each company
Kroger bought out the shares of This online natural food and wellness store allows for a build-up of the current corporate brand Simple truth. This Omni channel allows for a variety of over 45,000 natural foods and wellness products to customers who shop at Kroger (Zielinski, M.2014). “’s ecommerce platform will enable Kroger to serve customers through ship-to-home orders in all 50 states, including 16 states that are currently not served by Kroger supermarkets. That will expand the grocer’s reach into new US markets, as well as internationally (Parry, T. 2014).” Kroger’s expansion with new products and an improved ecommerce allows for consumers to stay loyal to Kroger as well as expand their target market from new states and people searching the website.
Kroger recently this year has made online shopping available at selected stores. Consumers go to There consumers can choose a date and time of when they want to pick up their items. As well, when they arrive to Kroger to get their items they just have to wait curb side next to Kroger and an employee will come out and bring you your items (Meek, A.2016). This is an amazing Omni channel that Kroger has created because you are now able to literally order your items and even save them to your favorites list to make your next order go even faster and then Kroger brings your products to you. This is a great idea because now you can see that consumers are going through Kroger’s website to Kroger with only having to use its fingers on its...

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... close to the selected Kroger’s that use ClickList.
Moon Co-Op has multichannel options that seem to be more social media based then trying to get the product purchased by a consumer through their multichannel. Customers may see a sale that is going on at Moon Co Op through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or through their app. The problem is getting those customers to use those other channels to buy a product. This is something that seems like an issue for Moon Co Op. I think that it would be really beneficial for Moon Co Op to gather products for consumers and have it waiting at the cashier for purchase. As well, use a CRM that tracks what customers use and make suggestions through the app of new products that might benefit the customer. There are many ideas that could improve the Omni channel of Moon Co Op and I believe that we could suggest these ideas to them.

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