Superman Vs. Batman The Golden Age Of Superheroes Essay

Superman Vs. Batman The Golden Age Of Superheroes Essay

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We are currently living in the Golden Age of Superheroes. They dominate our cultural life, and have become seemingly permanent fixtures in modern media. Since X-Men burst onto the screen fifteen years ago, we have witnessed the release of over forty superhero movies. By 2020 we will have seen the release of more than twenty-five more. Today, the much anticipated film Superman vs. Batman has come to theaters. Though a plethora of superhero movies have been released, it is to the dissatisfaction of many, having long been exhausted by the stories of the Hulk, Batman, and Spider-man. Although I must agree that it is quite easy to get bored with the constant action, and flashing colors of these films, if one looks deep enough into the story they will discover universal themes and metaphors. Though they may be fighting off alien invasions, these heroes are also battling with their personal challenges, challenges which we can all identify with. Since their creation, Superheros have been
Although I love superheroes, I did not encounter my first hero until I was eleven. I had bought Amazing-Spider Man #347, in which the Villainous Venom whisks Spiderman away to a tropical island, where they are to fight to the death. Isolated, and facing a darker version of himself, there is no better picture of adolescence. As I continued to explore the vast world of superhero comics, I discovered these stories have long been an allegory for America’s ills.
In Action Comics #1, Superman’s first villains weren’t Lex Luthor or Brainiac, but corrupt politicians and greedy landlords. In Captain America Comics #1, Captain America is punching Hitler in the face, something every red-blooded American wanted to do at the time. We could take the most complex pr...

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...een. Take for example Iron Man, released in 2008. Tony Stark, is a weapons dealer in the Middle East, who is injured in an attack. His heart is wounded, practically replaced. Is their no greater symbol for America in 2008? When Avengers was released in 2012 it quickly became the highest grossing film worldwide. Though these films for many give the audience insurmountable joy, look further into the story and you will find these masked heroes to be a metaphor for us. Like others, the lesson is clear on the big screen. The Avengers, and all other superhero movies, are therapy. We work together to solve the worlds and each other 's problems. You might have power, but when we team up and work as a community there is no greater force.
These movies show us that we are not alone when facing dark versions of ourselves, we will always have our heroes to keep us company.

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