Superman, By Jerry Seigel And Joe Shuster Essay

Superman, By Jerry Seigel And Joe Shuster Essay

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What is a Superhero? People ask this question all the time and a lot of definitions of it this word. Some say a superhero is just a fictional character such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, but others would say they are people protect them such as soldiers, police, and firefighters. My definition of a superhero is someone who fictional or non-fiction that is willing to put others before themselves to help protect people. This definition may cover a wide range of people, but it covers comics, soldiers fighting for their freedom of others, and people get into the moment and help others with not thinking about it.
First, One type of superhero are the fictional ones that are commonly found in comic books with superpowers and gadgets. Superman was the first comic hero created by Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster in the 1930s. This fictional hero is known for saving people from trouble and putting his life on the line to help other people by saving them from villains or stopping a crime in action. In comics, most of the time in comics the hero doesn’t die or get seriously hurt, but every once in awhile they fight a huge evil and to save the people they sacrifice themselves. Heroes in comics have all types of superpowers like Flying, Invisibility, laser vision and super strength. Another type of hero is are the heroes that have cool gadgets that give them the ability to help others in need such as Antman with his suit that shrinks him down to the size of an ant or even smaller. Comic heroes wouldn’t exist if there were not real heroes in the world because that is the importation for the creation of them. For instance, Captian America is a super soldier who was injected with a substance to make him become stronger, so he can be a special f...

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... in the need of help. People sometimes just get into the moment sometimes and go out of there way to help someone in serious trouble.
To conclude, superheroes come in all shape and sizes, but they all have one goal is to protect and save people from danger. The first type of superhero is the fictional ones who are just in comics with gadgets and superpowers that go out of their way to help others with their God-given abilities. The second type of superhero are people that their sole job is to help protect others with the possibility of dying or getting seriously injured. The last type of superhero is the people that get into the moment, and help save people in danger without thinking about it. People may have a different definition of superheroes, but mine is someone who fictional or non-fiction that is willing to put others before themselves to help protect people.

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