The Superficial Tag Between East Egg And West Egg

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The superficial tag between East Egg and West Egg is the hollowness of the upper class. They put on a façade to show that they are the same and one is not from Wolfsheim’s gang and the other from old money. F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby,” the author based the novel on failure and success in the illusional age of materialism. Fitzgerald was inspired by other authors such as Joseph Conrad. Conrad’s style is extremely dense and Fitzgerald wanted simplicity in his writing .Daisy, Gatsby and Tom like everyone have their own problems and they would like to think that they are the only ones with secrets. Nick Carraway gets involved in all these relationships with everyone and never wanted any of it. Tom feels he is the only one that deserves to be taciturn in his secrets. Gatsby felt equal to the Buchanan’s and all of the people located in the East Egg. Daisy was the one who married money. Nick Carraway Daisy’s cousin, Tom’s Yale buddy, and Gatsby’s best friend was keeping the secrets of all of them. He wears two masks for each one of them and, he knew that Gatsby no longer wanted Daisy, Tom had Myrtle, and Daisy didn’t want the life she was living. Nick was the glue for everyone and the one who lifted a tiny weight of their shoulders. He was someone that all the characters confided in. The simplicity in Fitzgerald’s story was Nick, everyone trusted him to put on a different mask. He was a noble man who got tangled in the summer of 1922. At the end Nick was left outside the social circles getting a good view of the judgmental eyes all around. Gatsby was from a poor family and ever since he was little he wanted something better he did not want others to see that he came from “dirty bootlegging money.” “The 1920’s portrayed the ... ... middle of paper ... a “common swindler.” All Gatsby was to Tom was a front for Wolfsheim that convince people like Walter Chase to be in their bootlegging business. In the Valley of Ashes what was discarded by West Egg and East Egg everybody’s masks were revealed. Gatsby’s mask the hopeful nobody; Tom’s mask the Yale sporting star with other affairs, and Daisy the little fool. Owl Eyes was right about Gatsby because no one really knew the real Gatsby all the masks that everyone placed on him never existed. Even after his death he has had more masks than ever, he was judged. Materialism and social class has so much of an impact on the characters’ lives that they each have to put on their own masks to hide themselves. They all hid each other afraid that they would not be accepted or because what they were doing was wrong. Fitzgerald wrote everyone with flaws hidden behind façades.
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