Super X Drugs Pharmacy Program Essay

Super X Drugs Pharmacy Program Essay

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The Super X Drugs (SXD) in Toronto, Hospitals within the SXD Pharmacy Program have different drug division and pharmacy information systems, but they have a universal formulary and a universal set of clinical practice expectations for pharmacists.

The terms “practice assessment” and “research” can be used to explain many activities in institutional pharmacy practice. Practice assessment and research can include various types of study, conducted by pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, such as text reviews, descriptive studies, and hypothesis-driven research. Research and assessment have been notes as constituting key areas for the future of pharmacy practice. Adequate mentorship, time, and resources and a large number of skilled researchers are vital factors for the success of pharmacist researchers. It has been suggested that educational pharmacy practice departments develop a critical mass of clinical pharmacy scientists.

Important responsibilities include developing education and preparation structures and processes that support staff in developing serious thinking skills; carry...

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