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Super Sized: Monster Trucks Essay

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Bigger is better. That is what people constantly hear in the world around them. This ranges from the biggest sale on Black Friday, to the new supersized burger at McDonalds. People strive to exceed the ordinary and make things extraordinary, and to do this; you go big or go home. One of the best examples of this is the creation of monster trucks. Monster truck rallies have been around since the late 1970’s and were inspired by the basic pick up trucks that got transferred into monster trucks. These rallies are a motor sport entertainment can be found on television or live in a field area. The main attraction of the rallies is the focus on the monster trucks with the freestyle tricks and racing that are performed. These events are vast. It’s a large arena holding large trucks watched by a large crowd of large people drinking large beverages, and that is what America fell in love with. One of the main reasons monster truck rallies is so popular because of the size of trucks. (New Republic)
In the late 1960’s, pick up truck competitions known as the “biggest truck” became very popular. These competitions inspired a small group of men to build an even larger truck to appeal to people and make the competition more popular than it was before. Bob Chandler, the creator of “Bigfoot,” is very famous in monster truck history. His creation of “Bigfoot” opened the eyes to many monster truck lovers, which led to the inspiration to build many more enormous trucks. Throughout the years, several other monster trucks started getting built due to the amount of attention and popularity Bigfoot attracted. The men that started the monster truck building, started an association called Monster Truck Racing (MTRA.) This was the start of the sport’s ...

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...nster trucks are everything Americans look for in entertainment. The monster truck rallies attract people all around the country because of it supersized everything! There is not a single person in this world that wouldn’t want to enlarge something they have or want. That is just how we are made. These amazing vehicles have created a new and very loved form of entertainment for us. Many dedicated fans will be forever grateful for that special person who decided to do something extra to make an average truck into something extraordinary. He truly believe what’s bigger is better.

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