Essay on The Super Bowl For Young Black Hollywood

Essay on The Super Bowl For Young Black Hollywood

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In the last few weeks of class, we have gotten into some interesting conventions on various topics. We have talked about subjects ranging from the Super Bowl to Old Black Hollywood. We also took a look at two old African American films one directed by a white American man entitled Hallelujah and another by an African American man named, Within Our Gates. Our reading included Donald Bogle 's Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams. 
The Sunday before last was Super Bowl fifty, which was almost within itself. What should have been a time for all Americans to come together, some peopled to find ways to divide us. One case was when social media before the game was even completely over, start saying the African-American quarterback for the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton lost the game because he was playing against a white American superstar quarterback Peyton Manning. People were so quick to jump on the races angle because it was a black quarterback verse a white quarterback. Why could not people look at which team as a whole played better? A quarterback is an important part of the team, however, ...

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