Sundiata, An Epic Of Old Mali Essay

Sundiata, An Epic Of Old Mali Essay

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The empire of Mali stretches back for centries and its history is vast. However, the art of storytelling has kept the land of Mali 's history alive. However, this can lead to an altered side of the story. The story of "Sundiata, An Epic Of Old Mali" written by D.T. Niane is told in the perspective of Djeli Mamoundou Kouyate. Kouyate comes from a long history of griots, or oral story tellers. The family of Koyate has mastered the art of eleoquence, and their word is well respected. So respected generations of kings have come to hear the history of their ancestors and the secrets of Mali, and became the king 's personal griots.
The story of Sundiata begins with the King Maghan Kon Fatta, who known as a great king and loved by the people of Mali. One day while the king was sitting under an silk-cotton tree a mysterious hunter came sat with the king and his griot, the father of Djeli Koutye. After some converstaion with the king the mysterious hunter predicted something that struck the king. The hunter predicted that the king would have to marry a woman with a disfiguring hump on her back and who is not physically attractive. However, she will concieve a child who will become the kings great sucessor. The child will be a great conquerer and will be more mighty than Alexander. Others have also predicted the coming of great conquerer and it became vital for the king to find the disfigured women. Eventually, the King Fatta came across the women that was destined to be his wife and they married. The name of the woman people predicted about was named Sogolon Kedjou. An old women predicted that she would be an extraordinary women if you manage to possess her. The King of Mali took this to heart and after many rejected advances, the king f...

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...n Mali took over. At the point when Sassouma became a dominant figure and the people of Mali became full of hate.. They ridiculed Sogolon and truly gave Sassouma her power and supported her decision to exile the Sogolon family. At this time in the story this is when Mali started to destruct. It wasn 't until the return of Sundiata that Mali began to rebuild and became the land he knew as a child. It is important to take in account that the griots who were around at the time were very close to the kings and very loyal. That being said they would usually fabricate details or hide secrects involved in the story. This is why there are contridicting stroies about the history of Mali and the story of Sundiata. In this story it would make sense the family griots would embelish the sucuess of Sundiata 's return to Mali, because his father was known as a great king of Mali.

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