The Sun Is The Star At The Center Of The Solar System Essay

The Sun Is The Star At The Center Of The Solar System Essay

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Hopefully we all know how important the Sun is to us. However, some often forget why that is. The Sun is the star at the center of the solar system and is the most important star for the living and non-living organisms on Earth do to the fact that it provides the light energy and the heat needed to support life. Without the heat and light that it provides, the Earth would be lifeless and a ball of ice. The sun was created in a vast cloud of gas and dust over five billion years ago. . Over a period of many millions of years, this gas and dust began to fall into a common center under the force of its own gravity. At the center, an ever growing body of mass was forming. As the matter fell inward, it generated a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. As it grew, the baby Sun became hotter and hotter. Eventually, when it reached a temperature of around 1 million degrees, its core ignited, causing it to begin nuclear fusion. When this happened, the Sun began producing its own light, heat, and energy. (Redd, Because of the Sun, we have warm seas, weather patterns, plants which generate oxygen and food which are essential to our survival.
Before knowing how the Sun produces light, first, the question of what light is should be answered. By definition, light is the form of energy that you can see. Light is nature 's way of transferring energy through space. Light technically refers to all forms of electromagnetic radiation. Light is what’s known as an electromagnetic wave. Light is made of photons, which means is that when light is absorbed or emitted, the energy in the wave comes in lumps. The size of the lumps of energy depends on the frequency. The higher the frequency the more energy per photon.
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...e sun’s core temperature is greater that fifteen million degrees kelvin. The gravity at the core pulls all of the mass inward creating a high pressure. The high pressure causes atoms of hydrogen to draw together and cause nuclear fusion. This energy strikes Earth, where it warms the planet, drives our weather and provides energy for life. We aren 't harmed by most of the radiation or solar wind because the Earth 's atmosphere protects us.
Conclusion The Sun is a very important and powerful star in our solar system and it plays the main and important part in the survival of the Earth. Being able to understand its role and how it works helps us discover more and advance. The more we discover and learn about the Sun and how it works will hopefully help us as the organisms that need it most come to learn how to better appreciated it and learn to not take it from granted.

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