The Sun Is The Only Brilliant Thing Left Essay

The Sun Is The Only Brilliant Thing Left Essay

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#18435 wakes up. He brushes his teeth. He eats his usual breakfast: grey oatmeal and sour milk. The glass he drinks from is a grey aluminum canister. So dull. Of course, as usual, dull is the only choice. Dull exercises an amount of control, of sedation. Anything not dull is dangerous; that is what they are told at least. One might raise the question, why not just pretend to be dull, and really live a full, interesting life, but act as a usual person would. #18435 always thinks about that. He wishes to live a fun life, but alas, it is impossible. They are always watching. Cameras, microphones, even children are used to spy on others. Those found to be doing the wrong things just…disappear without a trace. #18435 moves outside. The sun is the only brilliant thing left. Although the wondrousness of nature and the heavens is truly enlightening, people really do not pay any attention to it. Every person in the courtyard of the apartment building is glued to a screen, be it a phone or public television. Almost even more sickening than this is the fact that the government is easily able to monitor all activities through these devices. The people know of this, but remain blissfully ignorant that all of their moves, words, and activities are being watched. As #18435 moved outward from the party controlled sector of the city, the buildings became more decrepit. The people were different here. There was a sense of…discontent. People could tell that #18435 was from the influential sector of the city. The people around him gave him looks of pain, hunger, and anger. These people were not happy, yet they did not rise up and fix their world. Why, one might ask? The people are constantly kept in a state of unrest over small things, not the big pi...

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...vernments and groups are working towards using technology to control vast amounts of people and power. Chris Buckley writes that “Not only in China, but also in many places internationally, growing numbers of terrorists are using the internet to promote and incite terrorist attacks” (Buckley 2). This just goes to show how various groups are vying for control of constantly growing technology in order to gain its power to influence people.
When looking at the connections between the modern world and 1984 it is obvious that 1984 still has a meaning to the world, and the meaning is partially one of technological progress. This technological progress goes unimpaired, thus making the rise of governmental power unimpaired as well. Orwell specifically wrote 1984 to serve as a warning, one which implied to keep an eye on technology, who controls it, and how it is being used.

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