The Sun Is A Yellow Dwarf Star Essay

The Sun Is A Yellow Dwarf Star Essay

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The Sun is a yellow dwarf star that compromises of around 99.86% of the mass of the solar system with an intrinsic brightness of +4.83 which is approximately brighter than about 85% of stars in the Milky Way. The sun is mostly likely to have formed by shockwaves from a nearby supernova. The distance between the Sun and Earth is approximately 1 astronomical unit meaning that it would take light approximately 8 minutes to reach earth. The Sun almost takes 25.6 days for a full rotation at the equator and 33.5 days at the poles.
The Sun is composed of the core, the radiative zone, the convective zone, photosphere, chromospheres and the corona. The core composes 20-25% of the sun and has a temperature of nearly 15 million Kelvin. The radiative zone is the next layer above. It is where the energy produced in the core by nuclear fusion is transferred slowly to the surface by photons at around 5 million Kelvin. The next zone above is the convection zone in which the energy is transferred slowly by convection currents at around 2 million Kelvin. It is also why the Sun atmosphere seems swirly due to convection currents. The photosphere is the visual part of the sun and is actually a 100 km thick gas layer. The next layer above is the chromospheres which is an irregular layer with temperatures between 6000 Celsius and 20000 Celsius. At these temperatures, the Sun gives of H-alpha emissions which contribute towards the reddish colour of the Sun. The last layer is the corona which is a near invisible aura layer that is only visible with a coronagraph.
Internal structure
The interior of Mercury is about 2438 km thick and consists of a metallic iron-nickel core make up 75% o the dista...

... middle of paper ... part of the mantle with pressures near 140 Gigapascals. The crust has a depth ranging from 5 to 70 km and it consists mainly of igneous rocks (formed through cooling of lava).
So far, Earth is the only known planet that is can sustain life. This is mainly due to liquid water, organic molecules, Earth’s orbital properties, climatic conditions, magnetic field, atmospherically conditions and resources. A vast majority of Earth’s species dwell in the biosphere which an ecosystem. Biospheres have a variety of characteristics including fauna and flora species, height above sea level, latitude and humidity as well as many the many different biomes. There is an estimate that 99 percent of all species that have existed on Earth are extinct with an estimated 10-14 million species currently existing on Earth of which 1.2 million or 14% have only been discovered.

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