Essay about The Sun And One Star

Essay about The Sun And One Star

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First their was the universe, and it was endless and empty apart from the sun and one star. Nalsa, lived on the sun and busied himself everyday with building unique and wonderful things, but none of them lasted as the sun eventually burned them up. For many years he was content with this arrangement, and joyfully crafted while the sun provided an endless amount of power for him to harness for his projects. On the single star, which was fairly humble and not as large as the sun lived Aster. Aster loved his star, and while content with the size of his home, found that he became bored rather easily as he did not have a hobby like Nalsa. Often he would visit Nalsa and listen to his new ideas and provide what little wisdom that he had on the subject matter. Aster enjoyed this arrangement, but always felt a twinge of sadness after his times with Nalsa. He did not have a passion like Nalsa 's, but he always received solace from the familiarity of his star when he returned home.

During a black spot, which occasionally and randomly appear on the sun, Nalsa rested and fell asleep. The black spot lasted longer than any that had happened before, and for the first time Nalsa slipped into a vivid dream filled with countless creations, all uniquely different from what he had ever built before. Upon awaking, he was filled with desire to bring to life all that he had dreamt. Not wanting to forget any of his dream he called Aster over to devise a plan for remembering every detail. Aster, sensing that this might be a project that he could be a part of threw himself into the discussion and they produced many elaborate plans. Days passed, and none of their plans seemed right. Aster, tired and missing his star glanced up at it from the su...

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...eality on this third planet. Everything was unique from anything he had ever crafted before, and the most satisfying part to Nalsa was that nothing burned up. It lasted, and in fact, self-sustained itself through help of each of his creations. Not wanting to leave, but desiring to continue creating and needing the sun, Nalsa created a moon that he had Aster position near the earth that worked as a looking glass between the sun and the third planet. Thus, Nalsa looks lovingly on his giant star and the creations upon it, and sometimes we can see him in the moon looking back at us. In thanks for all of Aster 's help, Nalsa found a way to make his humble star the brightest one in all of the universe. No longer bored and without a purpose, Aster continues to shepherd to stars around in space keeping the wonderful dream visible for all to see who look at them.

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