The Sun Also Rises And His Short Story A Clean Essay

The Sun Also Rises And His Short Story A Clean Essay

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Ernest Hemingway

In this paper, I will describe what critics have to say about Ernest
Hemingway^s novel The Sun Also Rises and his short story A clean
well-Light Place. First I will describe the basic plot of the story,
then go one to describe each of the characters by what the critics have
to say about them. I will start off with the main character and
narrator Jake Barnes. Then go to Lady Brett Ashley, Robert Cohn, Pedro
Romero, and finally I will fish off that section with a little about
Bill Gordon. Then I will describe a little of how Ernest Hemingway^s
characters fit into what critics have to say about the story. After
that, I will then go into describing how the four American Themes were
used in the novel. After that, I will evaluate the criticism of the
book using one or two quotes from the book. >From there, I go into my
next literary work. I describe the basic plot of A Clean Well-Light
place. Then I describe the themes of the story. I then go on to
describing the criticism, or at least what I could find on the short
story. I continue with my evaluation of the criticism of the book.

Also using one or two quotes. I conclude my paper by giving my
evaluation of each of the works, and evaluating the author^s style,
content, and themes. In The Sun Also Rises, meet Jake Barnes, the main
character and narrator of the novel. He and his friend Robert Cohn
meet a lady named Lady Brett. Here is the story of their adventure.

In The Sun Also Rises, a group of young Americans move to Paris after
World War I. Jake Barnes, a newspaperman who is in love with Lady
Brett Ashley, Robert Cohn, a Jewish former Princeton student who was
outcast, Lady Brett Ashley, an older Englishwoman who also love Jake
Barnes, bu...

... middle of paper ...

...ry and discontent because he, same as Jake, can not
consummate his love with Brett, but for different reasons. Cohn is the
Hemingway anti-hero so he is very critical of everything and is not
open for change. Brett is the disillusioned one. After losing the
love of her life, she just gone from man to man, disillusioned that
she^ll find someone to make her whole, but she never does. The major
themes of American literature in this work are psychology of the
individual, American Dream, Individual in Society and Nature and the
Land. Psychology of the individual is shown through Jake Barnes. He
tells the story through first person and you always know how he^s
feeling, and how he feels about the other characters. Although his
feeling about the other character may be different from what the
characters are really like, but that still shows what he is thinking.

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